Tea palette
There are four main types of tea black, green, red, yellow.

There is quite a common misconception that black and green teas are made from leaves of different plants. This is incorrect, because the type of tea depends on the degree of processing tea leaves.

While black tea goes through all processing stages, the production of green tea excludes withering and fermentation. Green tea is also called non-fermented.

As to the degree of fermentation if we imagine a fermentation scale then red and yellow teas will be located between black and green teas. Red and yellow teas are fermented but not to the final degree. Therefore they are also referred to as semi-fermented. Speaking in general, the qualities of red tea are closer to black tea and those of yellow tea are closer to green tea.

Nowadays white tea and pu-erh tea are becoming popular, though several years ago they were exotic for the russian market. White tea is a non-fermented tea. For the production of white tea only the youngest half open leaves of the first flush (tips) are used that are just dried. Ready white tea has no twisted leaves looking like a handful of dry leaves. The leaves color should stay green or grey-green.  

Pu-erh tea is a chinese, strongly fermented tea with a rich taste and specific strong smell. It is appreciated for its healing properties.

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