Greenfield and the Garnet Bracelet
Greenfield has traditionally become the official tea of  Russian Film Festival "Literature and Cinema" which was held in Gatchina. "Literature and Cinema" is a unique festival, it is the only one in Russia, which represents the modern cinema inspired by literature works.
This year the festival took place for the 21st time. Grand Prix of the festival "Literature and Cinema" was awarded to Ivan Tverdovskiys film Correction Class", based on the novel by Catherine Murashova. Four statues were given to the film director Vera Glagoleva for "Two Women" based on the play by Ivan Turgenev Month in the Country." Special Jury Prize "for the Best Director" was awarded to Vera Glagolev and a composer Sergei Banevich received the Jury Prize of Andrei Petrov for the best music. The film by Paul Pechenkin "Varlam Shalamov. The experience of the young man became "The best non-fiction film". People's Choice Award named by Clara Luchko received a film by Sergei Nikonenko "Hunting live" based on Basil Shukshins stories. All competitive screenings and festival events were accompanied by tastings of different varieties of tea from the extensive collections of the brand, and the winners of the festival received prizes from Greenfield.