Greenfield introduces a new collection of leaf tea in pyramids
The new brand of assorted Greenfield tea: the new collection of loose tea in transparent pyramid teabags is introduced to the Russian market
Today Greenfield is the most popular brand of premium tea and a leader in terms of value. One of the most important indicators of brand status is high customer loyalty. Today Greenfield is one of the most popular and beloved tea brands.

The new collection is logical continuation of the brand progress and timely response to expectations of customers. Pyramid is the most innovative and functional form of tea serving. Its original shape allows infusing tea directly in the cup. Each pyramid of Greenfield new collection is packed into individual sachet of multilayer material which saves full taste and flavour of rare teas.

Collection includes 9 types of fine black and green teas, oolong tea and gorgeous compositions with natural fruits, berries, herbs and spices: Rich Ceylon, loose black Ceylon tea of Rugunu province; Yunnan Wonder, loose black Chinese tea from Yunnan province; Royal Earl Grey, loose black Ceylon tea with bergamot flavor; Harmony Land, loose green Chinese tea from Hunan province; Milk Oolong, semi-fermented oolong Chinese tea leaf with thin milky and creamy notes; Jasmine Symphony, loose jasmine Chinese tea from Guangxi plantation; Blueberry Forest, loose black Ceylon tea with blueberries; Oriental Spirit, loose black tea with ginger, mint and lime zest; and Orange Blossom, natural herbal tea with wild rose, apple, orange petals and rosemary.