Greenfield introduces a renewed collection of excellent leaf tea in pyramids
The package design of the collection has been updated and the product range has been expanded
All tea lovers would find exquisite and unique black and green tea blends in the collection among which are Sicilian Citrus with red orange, Blueberry Forest with blueberry and cream flavourings, Mint & Chocolate with mint and dark chocolate flavour, Redberry Crumble with cowberry and cowberry pie flavouring, Golden Kiwi with basil and golden kiwi flavouring,Exotic Asai with ginger and asai flavouring and Tropical Sunset with mango and pineapple.
There is also classic tea in the collection such as Rich Ceylon, black Ceylon tea, noble Royal Earl Grey, exquisite Milky Oolong with creamy notes, rare Chinese and Japanese tea Green Ginseng, distinctive ginseng tea, and Classic Genmaicha traditional Japanese green tea with popped rice.
Each pyramid of Greenfield pyramid collection is packed into individual sachet of multilayer material which saves tea taste and flavour.