Mate Aguante

Mate is an ethical drink prepared from leaves of evergreen bush that grows in Latin America. In the bold composition of Greenfield Mate Aguante high energy and original rich flavor of the traditional drink of Indio tribes are combined with light citrus aroma. Mate Aguante refreshes and invigorates enhances concentration.  
About type of tea
More than just a drink, broader than a simple tradition, a more effective remedy than ordinary medicine lifestyle and uniting force for people, a divine gift. This is what millions of people around the world think about Mate preferring it to all other drinks.
American Indian tribe Guarani believe that they were granted mate as a gift by the beautiful god Sharuma who turned a young beautiful lady into a mate bush thus expressing his gratitude to her father for his unselfish help This plant will help people in the same way as you did and with time people will come to appreciate this a lot! this is what legends say.
Europe learned about mate from the Spanish who were the first to start colonizing this part of South America. Conquistadors noted that mate brought effective recovery from scurvy that affected many of those on the way to the new continent. However mass deliveries of mate to the Old World is an accomplishment of the Jesuits who in the 17 century got the right to establish an independent Jesuit empire on the conquered territories.
Jesuits quickly appreciated useful properties of the Indian grass and began to sell it to many European countries with a good profit. For this reason Europeans called mate Jesuits brew and it was considerably more expensive than tea.
Wonderful characteristics of mate that made American Indians call it a magic drink gave an impetus to many scientific studies. Modern science has proved that mate contributes to improving human immune function, recovery of the nervous system, preventing tiredness of human body that causes different illnesses and as a result general aging of the body. Mate contains practically all vitamins and substances necessary for normal functioning of human body as well as a rare substance matein that is similar to caffeine but has no side effects.
More than that, mate has a good relaxing effect, it elevates mood, increases vividness and relieves of such deficiencies as anxiety, emotional imbalance and general nervousness. All these wonderful properties and qualities are present in Greenfield Mate Aguante. In its bold composition high energy and original rich flavour of the exotic drink are combined with the light European note aroma of a juicy, bitter grapefruit.


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