leaf 100 g

Cool tenderness of ripe blueberry gives new birth to the full flavour of classic black tea
Warm taste of vanilla highlights new flavour notes of the excellent Ceylon tea in Greenfield Vanilla Cranberry.
Clove and cinnamon make up spicy bitter notes while citrus rinds give it a refreshing aroma that underlines piquant flavor and festive character of Greenfield Christmas Mystery.
Deep and rich flavour of Greenfield Lemon Spark renders the traditional palette of classic recipe — а wonderful cup of Ceylon tea with juicy lemon.
Bright and tender flavour of Greenfield Barberry Garden is woven of noble Indian tea power, barberry sour and sweet notes and delicate hibiscus flavour.
Delicious astringency that is characteristic of expensive teas from India, spicy thyme and cool peppermint notes create unique bouquet
Glittering dark claret-coloured brew of Greenfield Premium Assam is the reflection of the completeness and harmony of this tea.
Its deep and ripe flavour with exquisite chocolate bitterness and slightly baked notes
The unique flavour of this tea clarifies your mind and feeds your imagination.

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